Do you know anyone who has been naughty this year? Grouchy kids? Annoying co-workers? Nagging mom? Send them a custom letter from Krampus to get them to shape up! Submit your order and complete the online questionnaire between 11/7/22 and 12/10/22. Krampus will then get to work on a letter to remind the recipient that Santa is not the only one who is watching! This fundraiser is open to U.S. recipients only. Price per letter (includes Krampus sticker): $10. Need to buy in bulk for 3 or more recipients? Reach out for special pricing.

Krampus reserves the right to refuse to write messages that are not in good fun!

All proceeds benefit The Lancaster Cemetery 501c13 non-profit in preserving, maintaining, and promoting the historic grounds and caretaker house.

The presale period for this event is over.

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Dec. 11th, 2022
Begin: 12:00
End: 13:00
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